Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 19, 2016

Curayt takes your privacy and the security of your information very seriously, which is why we want to explain how we collect, use, share, and protect the personal information that we receive. Curayt’s Privacy Policy applies to the data received from any “online” service through Curayt, like web and mobile services, including our web site and our mobile applications (“Services”), and applies whether you use our Services on a personal computer, mobile device, or other tool. This also includes data we receive from you “offline” through mailings, telephone, or in person. The Privacy Policy applies equally to all of our users, including individuals and/or entities seeking to display created ads on their social media site(s) (“Social Host”), individuals and/or entities that desire to contract with someone to create ads (“Sender”), or individuals and/or entities who sign-up to potentially use our Services (“Users”). By using our services or otherwise providing your information, you agree to the conditions of this Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree within anything in this Privacy Policy, please abstain from our Services and do not provide any of your information to us. Any questions should be directed to

Information collected by Curayt

When you sign up to use our Services, you may be required to provide the following:

   Profile Photo

   First and Last Name

   Date of Birth


   Phone Number

   Email Address


   Social Media Username(s)

   Social Media Follower Count

   Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and Security Code

   PayPal Account Information

Usage Records Gathered by Tracking Technologies

In addition to any Personal Information or other information that you choose to provide to us, our third-party service providers and we may utilize various technologies that inactively and automatically gather specific information whenever you use our Services (“Usage Records”). Usage Records may include your browser, all of the sections of our website that you visit, the time of day, and other information. You approve that we may use this Usage Records for our purposes, including to advance or modify our Services. In addition, we may collect your IP address or another unique identifier (“Device Identifier”) for your computer, mobile device, or other tool (“Device”) used to access our Services. We automatically allocate a Device Identifier number to the device you use to access our Services. Our processors identify your Device by its Device Identifier. Usage Records may be identifying or non-identifying with you. We will treat this information and the identifier seriously, i.e. as your Personal Information.

At any point, Curayt may use various manners to gather Usage Records, including the technologies listed below.


A Cookie is a data file located on a Device during use of our Services. A Flash Cookie is a data file located on a Device via the Adobe Flash plug-in that may be built-in to or downloaded to your Device. Cookies and Flash Cookies may be used for several purposes, including remembering you and your preferences. Cookies function by assigning a number to the user that has no meaning other than to the assigning website. You may deny the use of Cookies if you do not want information to be collected through their use. Cookies can be disabled or controlled by setting a preference within your web browser or on your device. However, if you choose to disable cookies or Flash Cookies on your Device, some of our Service’s features may not function properly. Additionally, we may not be able to tailor the information delivered to you. We cannot control the use of Cookies (or the resulting information gathered) by third parties. The conditions of our Privacy Policy do not include third-party Cookies.

Embedded Scripts

Embedded Scripts are programming snippets that collect information regarding your communications with our Services. They are momentarily installed onto your device from our web server (or from a third-party service provider), and are active only while you are connected to our Services. The snippet is disabled and/or removed thereafter.

Information Gathered by the Curayt Mobile Application

Our Services are chiefly provided via an application on your Device (“Application”). By registering for and using our Services, you agree that we may gather and use technical and related information, including but not limited to technical information about your Device and application software, which is gathered occasionally to facilitate software updates and other services related to such Applications. We may associate your Application Usage Records with and provided Personal Information. Doing such will maintain that we treat the combined information as Personal Information.

By using our Application, some or all of the following information may automatically be gathered and stored from your Device (“Device Information”), including but not limited to:

   Your phone number or other Device Identifier assigned to your mobile device

   Your mobile device’s manufacturer or model

   Your mobile device’s IP address

   Your mobile operating system

   The type of mobile Internet browsers you are using

   Information regarding your interaction with the Application

Information automatically collected by the Application may be used for the following, though not limited to such:

   To improve our Applications and Services

    To create collected information for purposes of ranking and rating the features of our Application

   To detect and resolve any violations of this Privacy Policy

   To modify the content available to you on the Application

Usage of the Information We Collect

Personal Information and Usage Records

We use your Personal Information and Usage Records to validate your registration with our Services. We may use your Personal Information or Usage Records to communicate with you via email or telephone, to improve our Services, and to provide you with information that you have requested or agreed to receive, such as newsletters and promotional offers, both from us and on behalf of third parties.

Mobile App Information

The information collected by our Application may be used to make sure you have the correct application version, troubleshoot and fix issues with our Application, and marketing purposes. Any credit card information you provide in your account profile is only stored and used by our third-party credit card processors.

We may use your IP address to diagnose troubles with our computer servers. Your IP address is used to help identify you but does not contain any of your Personal Information.

We may send you service-related notices when necessary to do so, such as a temporary service suspension due to maintenance. Apart from deactivating your account, you may not opt out of these notices.

We provide some of an Advertiser’s Personal Information (such as first and last name and profile photo) to the Social Host when an ad is created for said Social Host.

Disclosing Information to Third Parties

We may share information, in a non-personally identifiable fashion, such as through aggregated user statistics and log data, with third parties for industry analysis, to deliver targeted advertising about other products or services, or for other business purposes. We do NOT sell, rent, share, or trade the information we have collected about you, including Personal Information, other than as disclosed within this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure to Third Parties Providing Services on Our Behalf

Curayt uses third-party vendors so as to provide our Services and to provide the services of others on our behalf. We may provide your information to these vendors, including your Personal Information. These third parties are Social Hosts and companies they work for, Advertisers and companies they work for, those who host our Services, track analytics of our Services, process payments, discover and resolve fraud and security measures, help us provide customer support to our Users, and provide advertising services to Curayt. Third parties enable several administrative services, including sending you special offers and targeted advertisements, performing technical and maintenance services, managing databases and web analytics, and other administrative services. Any of your information shared with our vendors is on a need-to-know basis so said vendor can carry out the allowed services they are performing for you and/or for us. Each of these vendors is mandated to not use or share your Personal Information for any other purpose.

While we do not disclose Personal Information with service providers who provide us with information about the use of our Services and content, these providers may set and access their own Cookies and Embedded Scripts on your Device. They may otherwise collect information about you, including your Personal Information. Furthermore, Curayt may accumulate and publish Personal Information, in an anonymous fashion, regarding you and your use of the Applications or Services as part of an aggregate customer analysis.

Additional Times We Collect or Use Your Information

Sweepstakes and Campaigns

At times, Curayt may offer sweepstakes and other campaigns (“Campaign”) that require registration. By participating in a Campaign, you are agreeing to all official rules of such Campaign. Each Campaign may require certain disclosures of Personal Information. Curayt may also require you to permit the Campaign sponsor to use your name and/or likeness in advertising or marketing in relation to said Campaign. If you choose to enter a Campaign, Personal Information may be shared with third parties or the public in relation to the administration of such Campaign.

Legal Reasons

Curayt fully cooperates with all law enforcement and appropriate private parties to comply with the law. Curayt may also cooperate with third parties such as copyright owners, Internet service providers, wireless service providers, and/or government agencies. In providing such cooperation, we may use and disclose your Personal Information and other information to these third parties as is reasonably necessary by law; to defend the well-being of Curayt or any third party; to protect the general public; and/or to reduce or prevent the threat of anything reasonably deemed illegal or problematic. Such notices may be made without informing you.

User Intelligence and Public Information

Our Services may offer publicly-available blogs and intelligence, including Personal Information (collectively, “User Intelligence”). Curayt or other third parties may print, circulate, or otherwise use User Intelligence online and offline in any media or layout. Others may have access to your User Intelligence and may have the ability to share it with third parties across the Internet. You should know that any User Intelligence you provide might be read and used by others who view it. Curayt has no control over who among the general public sees the User Intelligence you decide to make public or how they use it. Be sure to carefully consider what information you decide to share. Curayt is not responsible for the accuracy, use, or misuse of any User Intelligence passed through our Services.

To request elimination of your User Intelligence from our blogs or posts, please contact us via Within reason, we will accommodate your User Intelligence request. But realize there are some cases in which we may not be able to remove your User Intelligence; we will notify you accordingly.

Additional Information about our Privacy Policy


All collected Usage Records and Personal Information is stored securely within our databases. However, we cannot assure the security of said databases. Furthermore, we cannot assure that any information you supply won’t be intercepted during transmission to us via the Internet or wireless communication. Any information you send to Curayt is sent at your own risk.

If you determine a security vulnerability to exist in one of our products, please contact us via We will devote our highest attention to resolving the matter. Furthermore, we will not take administrative or legal action against reporters who do so in a manner that is responsible and maintains compliance. Curayt reserves all of its legal rights in the event of irresponsibility and/ or noncompliance.

Please adhere to the following guideline when reporting security vulnerabilities:

1.    Your full name;

2.    Your email address;

3.    Description of the issue; and

4.    Steps to reproduce the vulnerability.

Third-Party Content

Our Services may contain content that is provided by a third party. These third parties may collect Usage Records and your Device Identifier when content from Curayt’s online or mobile Services are served to your Device. Additionally, you may be directed to third-party sites or applications while using our Services. Clicking on a link may take you to a different web site that may subsequently send their own Cookies to you or beseech your Personal Information. Curayt is not responsible for the privacy policies of these third parties, some of which may lack a proprietary privacy policy. It is your responsibility to read and understand the privacy policies of any third-party websites or services before offering any of your Personal Information to third parties.

Social Media Features

Curayt’s online and mobile Services include social media features, such as the Facebook Share button. These features may gather your IP address, the page you are visiting on our online or mobile Services, and/or may send a Cookie to allow the feature to properly function. Social media features are either held directly on our online Services or by a third party. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policies of the respective companies supporting them.

Changing or Cancelling Your Curayt Account

You are accountable for the correctness of all information you provide to Curayt. If your Personal Information changes, you may appropriately modify inaccuracies. Alternatively, if you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer provide services to you, contact us via

Curayt retains your Personal Information and Usage Records for as long as is reasonably deemed necessary to provide our Services to you. Even after you cancel your Curayt account, we will preserve your Personal Information and Usage Records (including ad and transaction history) for as long as is reasonably required to comply with administrative and legal obligations, resolve disputes, close any cancellation activities (including credit card chargebacks), investigate or prevent fraud, and for other commercial reasons.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Curayt reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy as needed to appropriately reflect the current status of our information practices. Any modifications will be immediately effective upon the posting of the revised Privacy Policy. If we issue any material changes, an email will be sent prior to effecting the change to the email address specified during your account registration. Continually review these practices in order to understand the most recent terms of our Privacy Policy.